No sales, no business

No sales, no business

Clever CRM solutions for your sales department

As anyone will understand; No sales, no business. At Dysel we know in order to be successful your sales department needs to have access to all information necessary about customers and possible new prospects at any time. Anything that helps them close the deal or land a new client. Our CRM solutions for sales departments will help you do just that.

Organize your sales department

We can help you organize your sales department and the processes that’ll make them more successful. Within our system, you create sales quotes or orders in no time — basic models, manufacturer options, dealer options, resources, spare parts, conditions, service contracts, and more. Just select an available equipment object or place an order at the manufacturer. As easy as you create professional sales quotes or sales orders, you can forward them to customers or prospects just the same.

Accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips, enabling you to offer your customers the best solution.

Work together

Our CRM module manages all sales opportunities; your sales department will learn how knowledge helps them to increase their sales. The only thing they must do is to register information about customers, prospects, and people they know. They can add notes, documents, they can also schedule next steps, follow-up meetings, assign tasks to themselves or colleagues.
Sales will affect other departments. Think about your finance department; they might want to run a credit check or send an invoice. Also, your service department will need to plan pre-delivery inspections or add dealer options. At Dysel we have learned how important it is to put equipment at the heart of your organization to gather all information from all departments and store it into one central location everyone can access.

All sales information at your fingertips

Your salespeople are often in the field visiting customers and prospects discovering new sales opportunities while they translate customer requirements into specific solutions. Accurate information that can be accessed directly at any time in any place is especially during customer visits crucial to them. With our mobile client solution, your salespeople have all the information they need at their fingertips, enabling them to offer your customers the best solution. Want to know more? Invite us for a demo or contact us directly.

"Accurate information that can be accessed directly at any time in any place."