Business Intelligence tools for finance

Business Intelligence tools for finance

Business intelligence tools for finance

There is no other department in your organization where accuracy and completeness of information are so important than your finance department. We help you to streamline your financial processes to make sure you have full control over your assets, your people and your cash flow. We offer smart solutions to help you automate processes, such as invoicing, payments and reminders. Our business intelligence tools provide you an insight into your key performance indicators with the ability to zoom into the (financial) details.

Smart solutions for your finance and administration department

Within our ELC solution, we have created comprehensive functionalities to manage your finance and administration department successfully. A pleasure to work with for everyone. From general manager, finance manager, bookkeeper to administrator or entrepreneur.

With our unique developed financial toolsets, you’ll be in full control over your general ledger and how you want your transactions to show in economic overviews. We offer you a full range of standard sets to generate financial reports and summaries with just the push of a button. Also, if you think something is missing, think again, since our experts can help you create any report you’re looking for. That’s what we call smart.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform is known for its stability, reliability, and user-friendliness. That is exactly what you will experience as a finance specialist.

We provide you with the flexibility to arrange and set financial processes, including authorizations and workflows. Of course, you decide who has access to what, and when. You can determine workflows and how financials are processing for any individual.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: your ERP system for your finance department

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the platform, our ERP system will not disappoint you. Stability, reliability, and user-friendliness are some of the critical drivers of the product’s success. It is precisely what you will experience as a finance specialist when you work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Ask our financial experts for a demo! Want to know more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV and finance departments first? Contact us directly, we’ll tell you all about it.

"Streamline your financial processes to get full control over your assets, your people and your cash flow."